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Employing the Science of Multiple Impulse Therapy to Focus the Energy of the Adjustment > > > > > > > > > > on the Problem !!!

Now hands-on has gone high-tech, combining traditional Chiropractic with 21st Century technology to bring your health to a whole new level. This is accomplished by a complex state-of-the-art computerized instrument called the PulStar Function Recording and Analysis System (PulStarFRAS) using patented Computerized Fixation Imaging (CFI) and Multiple Impulse Therapy from Sense Technology, Inc.

The PulStar is one of the most advanced forms of Chiropractic evaluation and treatment in existence today. It is a technological masterpiece of design and engineering and it is FDA approved.

The PulStar can determine whether vertebrae are too rigid or stiff. Each vertebrae should move freely and independently (like each link of a bicycle chain should). When vertebrae become stuck (immobile), dysfunction results, the pain begins, and deterioration and degeneration of the joints start.

The PulStar looks for these problems. It can sense movement or lack of it, and maps each vertebra like a sonar by evaluating its echo response. It analyzes the spine to determine where to adjust or mobilize to focus on and eliminate the root cause of the problem. The PulStar is connected to a computer with an advanced, sophisticated software program that allows the actual locating and correcting of spinal fixations and subluxations. The data from a hand-held sensor is transmitted to the computer as the spine is scanned when a light measurement impulse is performed on each of the vertebrae.

The computer then analyzes these impulses to see which vertebrae are stuck, and by how much. Each vertebra is displayed as a bar (in a bar graph) on the monitor. Vertebrae having higher resistance (stiffness) will have longer bars, while those with lower resistance will have shorter bars. The longer the bar, the more immobile (stuck or stiff) the vertebra is. These results are compared to normal averages.

Then by looking at the graph, it can be determined which vertebrae are not functioning properly. In this way, the PulStar can quickly locate and identify a problem. And, because it is so precise and accurate, it helps reduce the overall recovery time by producing the maximum results in the minimum of time.

The PulStar also has a treatment mode (which employs Multiple Impulse Therapy) using the small hand-held instrument that is designed to provide precise impulses to the vertebrae. The instrument makes the adjustment (mobilization) by delivering multiple, gentle, low-force, computer-controlled tapping impulses (like someone tapping you on the shoulder) to free-up the vertebrae and move them back into place. It provides consistent, effective treatment on every visit by focusing on the problem.

The PulStar automatically varies the tapping using a motion sensor, slowing down and speeding up as the vertebra becomes more mobile (free), and stops when the vertebra has moved properly into place and the correction has been made. The PulStar unsticks or unlocks the vertebrae like working a hinge so that they move more freely. It not only finds the fixes it and restores motion to the spinal joints. (Joints that have lost their normal motion and function degenerate and age much more quickly.)

One of the most helpful things about the PulStar is its ability to actually give you feedback. Not only can it locate and treat the problem, but after the adjustment or mobilization has been made, it can re-evaluate the effects of the treatment and display them on the monitor to show that a change or correction has been made and that the treatment is finished. This also allows the patient to visualize the treatment results.

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